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The quintessential lead gen & lead follow up system to sell more homes in less time for solo agents & teams using AI & real people.
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Persistence AI is a done-for-you lead
generation & lead conversion platform

DONE FOR YOU exclusive LEAD generation, lead NURTURE, LEAD FOLLOW UP AND
LEAD QUALIFICATION using our ai platform and real people.
  • We call & text all new leads in under 5 minutes of them opting in
    24 / 7 Coverage with 6 month nurture
    North American Real Estate ISAs
    Reactivation of stale leads in CRM
    Monthly coaching & data reporting
    Exclusive lead generation

We Build Relationships With Leads
To Convert Them Into Clients with SMS & Calling
Your Conversion
Rates to 2x Your Sales
Increased Chance in
Closing Deals
Client ROI
SMS Open
Following up with leads can be brutal

After months and years of spending a small fortune on lead generation services you've realized not all leads are equal. Some of the tire kickers have taken away your time from the good ones.

You know, the leads that are qualified, interested and ready to act...

So why spend more on lead gen to then have to continue filtering through the mess?

Following up and nurturing leads takes A TON of your precious time with little reward. So we started Persistence AI to simplify your life and your business.

We're a lead conversion solution for busy real estate agents and teams who want to automate their omni-channel follow up to sell more homes.

You get your calendar booked with seller & buyer ready opportunities.

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Why Persistence AI Lead Conversion vs. Others?
  • Our platform is human & AI powered. We speak to your leads to build relationships not robotic transactions.

  • Our omni-channel approach is the best.
    SMS plus local number calling from our English Speaking North American ISA team.

  • We are data driven & results focused. We identify your most profitable best lead sources to get the highest ROI on your marketing spend.

  • We create freedom businesses.
    Imagine having the best tech and the best people working for your real estate brand 24/7/365. You can have this with Persistence AI.

  • 100% ROI Guarantee
    We are confident in our platform that we can help you achieve your goals and out perform any other lead conversion platform on the market.

Join over 1,000+ agents & teams already automating their follow up

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Lead Generation

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  • Exclusive leads based on zip / postal codes

  • Multiple lead sourcing solutions including Google PPC and social

  • Lead routing and round robin distribution

Our Services

We specialize in creating robust, sales ready pipelines for real estate agents and teams to scale. Let us free up your time, grow your sales all the while reducing your costs and complexities.

Speed to Lead New
Lead Conversion

We engage with all new leads immediately via conversational SMS and call them within 5 minutes of opting in.

Creating a 2100% increase in likelihood to convert all the while freeing up your time.

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Stale Lead

We filter through your large database / CRM to revive and convert past clients and stale leads into sales ready opportunities.

Using omni-channel SMS and calling with individualized messaging to find the gold for your team.

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lead conversion: new leads for agents & teams

Speed to Lead Campaign

Description: We communicate & engage with your new leads within 5 minutes or less via SMS & Local Number Calling with a 6 month nurture.

We create 21x (2100%) increase in potential to do business with you and your team.

Use Case: New monthly leads from online lead sources. AKA you're investing in lead gen.

Lead Volume: Agents & Teams Generating Min 50 + New Leads Per Month to 1M+

Watch the explainer video to learn more.

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lead conversion: stale leads & past clients in crm

Reactivate Stale Leads Campaign

Description: We filter through your stale leads in your CRM to find hidden business opportunities of interested, qualified buyers and sellers in quarterly campaigns with individualized, custom messaging.

Use Case: Reactivation of past clients, stale leads or previously unqualified, uninterested leads in CRM to ensure your brand is top of mind.

Lead Volume in CRM:
Agents & Teams with a minimum of 1,000 Leads

Watch the explainer video to learn more.

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What our real estate clients are saying about our lead conversion platform

" Persistence AI has been incredible with converting leads, generating deals and making us money. 
Their customer service has been beyond superb. 

They’ve gone above and beyond for us with helping the transition from lead generation to appointments, and I highly recommend Persistence AI to anyone that needs help with converting their Real Estate leads. 

They’re the best! "

Joe C.

RE/MAX Properties

“Persistence AI is my preferred ISA team that helps my team follow up with leads that we don't have for. 

They consistently bring back 8%+ of stale leads back into positive conversations. They have out performed every other company we have used in the past.”


President Vantage West Realty

"I use Persistence AI for their Reactivation campaigns. As a top agent in Nanaimo, my database has grown larger than my team has time to reach out to. 

With Persistence AI, they've been able to communicate with my database with language that suits my team's culture. On our first batch of 2000 leads, they started 450 conversations, and have filled my pipeline. 

I would recommend Persistence AI for any team that is busy, wants a great brand presence, and has the highest expectations for customer service. "

John C.

eXp Realty
"...the AI is very real and sets me up to do my work"

“Persistence AI just sent over a lead looking for a $3 to $7 Million home on the water. They were qualified, and ready to chat. I left a voicemail, and then they called back.

The lady was excited to talk, and said that the conversation she had with my assistant was lovely, and that she wanted to work with me.

It is such a more real conversation compared to the other services. The AI is very real, and sets me up to do my work. Love the work the team at Persistence AI is doing.

Now I just have to figure out how to send you more leads to work with!”

Betty G.

eXp Realty

What about your other options?

If you have other services or you're considering other services... we'll happily show you how much better we are and why teams and agents are lining up for Persistence AI.

Sign up for a demo and you'll get to try us out.

Other Lead Gen &
Conversion Options

Persistence AI
Lead Gen + Conversion

Robotic follow up and not conversational based AI. Transactional and not customer centric.
Human and AI powered conversational messaging. We build relationships to sell more.
No local number calling capability for outbound and inbound
Calling with local numbers in addition to inbound call answering and hot call transfers
Offshore ISA teams who have to stick to scripts and cannot adapt
North American Based, English ISA teams with Spanish availability
Omni-channel not included or only at a premium
Omni-channel communication strategy included
Expensive and not results / data driven producing low ROI on your marketing spend
Plans scaled for individual agents to large teams to ramp up operations while reducing complexity
Results vary and no process for improvement and lack of support
Results driven with monthly reporting and a coach to actually scale your business
Non-exclusive lead generation and stuck in 12 to 36 month contracts
Our lead generation expert is a 9 figure ad buyer and there's no contract with our lead gen.

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