Our World-Class Team

head quartered in VANCOUVER, CANADA
operating in north america SINCE 2019

Jesse Teron
CEO & Co-Founder
Zak Konanz
COO & Co-Founder
Chase Teron
CMO & Co-Founder
Zach Gilliand
Lisa Coons
VP Associates Success
Rechelle Llorito
Executive Assistant

Our Story

In 2018, Jesse Teron and Ed Holloway, founded Persistence AI as a solution to the problem Jesse had identified in his own business and amongst business owners while he was running his local painting company in Canada.

Anytime a new digital lead came in, Jesse would do his best to follow up with them right away knowing he had a small window of opportunity to turn that lead into a prospect and then to a paying customer.

He noticed that when he was unable to follow up in the first 5 minutes, it became increasingly unlikely, he would turn that lead into a customer.

He began to see and hear about other businesses having this problem as well.

The opportunity cost loss of these digital leads was huge.

There are customers that want and desire services but their communication needs weren't being met or at least not consistently met.
The current way of managing digital leads is inefficient for business development. Highly skilled sales teams are chasing unpredictable, unqualified leads when they should be handling and closing qualified prospects.

Jesse teamed up with software veteran, Ed, to solve this problem.

They both knew businesses could grow quicker and easier while the customers could have a much better experience along the way.

With Ed's diverse background in software, and helping build the Azure platform at Microsoft®, he helped bring a new take on what lead conversion could look like.

By combining Jesse's expertise in business and Ed's expertise in software and artificial intelligence, Persistence AI was born.
Persistence AI is a top performing human + AI software that communicates with your top of funnel leads through texting and phone calls to qualify and nurture them into prospects and then into sales ready inbound opportunities for your sales team.
Jesse took over as CEO in the latter part of 2021.

Persistence AI has evolved immensely since inception with the main focus of helping real estate teams and organizations across North America.

Persistence AI's lead conversion platform is designed to convert new leads as well as convert stale leads in your database to reduce your organization's cost per acquisition.

We would love to scale your real estate organization to convert your leads.

When our goal is the same as your goal "to grow sales quickly without adding complexity", then great things will happen.

Persistence AI is a premium done-for-you lead conversion solution that is fully customizable with world class customer service.

Each account has a Persistence AI coach to identify the best performing lead sources so that your real estate organization and real estate team are making data driven decisions.

Imagine growing revenue and profits with the same amount of monthly leads and converting your CRM stale leads.
Leads are great, customers are better.

In 2021, Persistence AI became an official Follow Up Boss Integration Partner.

Our Vision

To be the home of the most customer-centric software company; to build a place where real estate organizations can come and discover how AI can be used to build relationships, establish community presence and to free up time all the while selling more homes.

Our Mission

Our mission is to continually raise the bar of the customer experience by using technology and people to help consumers get connected easier and faster to the services they need, while empowering businesses to maximize their success. We do this by focusing on your needs, empowering our teams, and developing leaders.

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