4 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Hire an ISA as a Solo Real Estate Agent

October 13, 2022

Hiring an Inside Sales Agent (ISA) when you are a solo real estate agent can sound super attractive.

Think about it....

Freeing up your time from low level activities so you can work on your business rather than in it.

Creating efficiencies so that you can ensure consistent follow up with new leads and even revive old leads in your database.

When looking to expand your business and to free up your time, outsourcing your admin work, outreach, follow ups an ISA may feel like the next most obvious, progressive step.

However, before hiring an ISA it's important to understand these complexities and other alternative options that are easier to execute.

Here are 4 critical thoughts and considerations before hiring ISA's

1. Do you have the financial resources to pay someone for 6 months of work where you're training and their output is limited?

Why not to hire ISAS as a solo agent

2. Do you have a solidified sales process that is duplicable? If not you may fall short on your training and set your expectations too high when your systems are not in place.

Real estate AI lead nurture

3. ISA's are fantastic but they can add complexity on the Human Resources side of things. Are they effective communicators? Can they take feedback well? Are they resourceful - AKA, can they perform and anticipate tasks without asking? Are you prepared to manage people plus your business?

Why not to hire ISAS as a solo agent

4. We have established that ISAs could be missing up to 80% of the leads in a lot of cases. The purpose behind hiring ISA's is to simplify your business but not to miss out on crucial sales tasks.

Why not to hire ISAS as a solo agent

The Alternative Option to Hiring ISAs

Instead of hiring an ISA where you have to find them, train them, manage them and their performance consider implementing a lead conversion platform into your CRM.

Persistence AI is the world's best lead conversion platform for real estate where they cover all of the traditional use cases of an ISA.

At Persistence AI, we have a team of North American based sales associates and agents that we recruit, hire, train, and ensure that they treat your leads with world class customer service.

Our real estate ISA call center plus our AI conversational platform is an affordable, results driven solution for solo real estate agents or teams with existing ISAs that are not able to handle new and stale leads.

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