The 4 Top Takeaways from FUBCON 2022

November 15, 2022

If you attended FUBCON you'll likely have a grocery list of takeaways from tips, strategies, tactic and tech solutions.

As a vendor, we attended the seminars and here's our list from the common themes during this market.

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Here's Persistence AI's Key FUBCON Takeaways:

1. Now Is the Time To Invest In Your Future.

You need to double down on Follow up, either hire another ISA or bring on a service to supplement your follow up. When everyone is scared to invest in this market, the winners are doubling down.

Quick quote: “The phone works, you don’t.” - Jon Cheplak

Quick quote: “The average user is in our database for 13 months before transacting. Your follow up should reflect this.” - Justin Havre

2. People Move The Money: Grow your team, and treat them like gold.

Great market’s create bad realtors, bad markets create great realtors. You need to make sure your team is full of rock stars who are willing to pick up the phone.  Furthermore, you should be making high quality videos that inspire your team, and recruit other rockstars to leverage your time to the fullest.

“People move the money, don’t chase a $10k commission, rather chase $1000/hour activities.” - Jon Cheplak

3. Building a Strong Brand is More Important Now Then Ever.

Tom Ferry was great as usual, and really pushed the key:

"Target the main market in your area that is buying homes. For example, an older generation should be receiving hand written notes. Millennials are selling, so target their behavior.”

Building a brand is more important than ever. Those that have strong brands actually benefit on market downturns, because they aren’t reliant on a limited lead source, they are able to recruit the best agents. Your customers and other agents should see your face everywhere. Leverage video, your database, and every form of classic marketing to do so. All the top teams are doing this, whether the market is hot or not.

The Top Key Ways to Build Your Brand Right Now:

1. Take care of your past clients

2. Direct mail: Yes this still works

3. Create consistent videos

Hundreds of open houses


Digital coverage: Facebook, PPC, SEO, Youtube

Be seen at every local event.

Tom Ferry’s Leadership power rules

Be in the right emotional state- always

Speak life into vision

Keep everyone’s focus simplified

Decide with speed and conviction

Consistent meetings

Develop your people

Culture of accountability

Always make a profit, period.

4. The Market is Changing AND people are still buying and selling homes

There was a lot of talk about interest rates on the rise, and how that is affecting the market. The biggest takeaway is there are millions of homes being sold right now. People move for a number of different reasons whether that is a job, martial changes, life changes, etc. so people are always moving regardless of what the market is doing.

We hope you enjoyed this tips and we look forwarding helping you with conversion and video this year. Find out about our new VIDEO MASTERCLASS HERE