Persistence AI Lead conversion software for Real Estate

We Speak to All New Leads Within 5 minutes, 24/7/365

to Bring Your Team 21x the Sales Opportunities.

We Speak to All New Leads

Within 5 minutes, 24/7

to Bring Your Team 21x the

Sales Opportunities.

Imagine never having to follow up or chase a lead again.

See below how we will convert them into sales ready opportunities automatically using A.I.

The first step is to book a free conversion advising session to input your numbers so we

can show you how many more homes you can sell with us.

Using our Persistence AI Platform Speed to Lead Campaign

North America's Fastest Growing

Real Estate Teams & Brands

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Lead conversion software for Real Estate
Lead conversion software for Real Estate
Lead conversion software for Real Estate

" Vantage West has used Persistence AI primarily to support our current ISA team. Our team has only so much time available for phone calls and texts, so it is great to know our expensive leads will always be followed up with. With older leads that may have fallen through the cracks or were previously uninterested, Persistence AI has been able to re-engage, and consistently bring over 4% back to being interested again. Opportunities that would not have been available if not for Persistence AI. "

Aj H.

Vantage West Real Estate

" Persistence AI has been incredible with converting leads, generating deals and making us money. Their customer service has been beyond superb. They’ve gone above and beyond for us with helping the transition from lead generation to appointments, and I highly recommend Persistence AI to anyone that needs help with converting their Real Estate leads. They’re the best! "

Joey C.

Re/Max Real Estate Properties

" With Persistence Ai, we have never had to worry about a lead being contacted, at any time of the day. Their after hours coverage has brought us peace of mind that our potential customers are being served, whenever they need us. I would recommend Persistence AI for any team that is busy, wants to contact every lead asap, and has the highest expectations for customer service. "

Nick C.

Joe Clement Team

Persistence AI Lead conversion software for Real Estate

Why Our Customers Trust and Use Persistence AI's Speed to Lead

24/7 Coverage on Your New Leads

Never worry about another lead slipping through the cracks again. We have you covered 24/7/365 with your specific branded communication to match your brand and we speak to all new leads within 5 minutes to improve your brand and reputation as well as bring you 21x more sales opportunities.

Sales Ready Appointments & Live Call Transfers

Get rid of fake leads, and only speak to high intent buyers - No more of the Joe- “I’m looking for a price range that does not exist”- Smith leads

Our A.I. Uses North America's Best Practices for High Converting Communication

Your leads are communicated with industry proven, personalized scripts, at the optimal cadence. No making clients feel like they are being badgered.

Build Strong Relationships with Leads and Clients with Our Long Term Nurture

The next time someone is looking to buy, you’ll be top of mind because of the personalized communication they had been receiving up to 6 months of engagement with them without you having to do anything other than handle the sales ready opportunities.

We Help You Sell Way

More Homes

Persistence AI uses A.I. and customer preferred communication. We handle not only texting but calls as well with our North American based Persistence Sales Associates who are an extension of your brand. Now you and your team can work on higher level activities and selling.

You Won't Grow... You'll Scale

This is our favourite benefit to you. Imagine growing your business and automating with systems so that your sales grow without proportionally increasing your costs or complexities... WELCOME to SCALING. Most businesses that exist can only grow sales with added team members, added hours and effort but with Persistence we free up your time, free up your day to day, reduce your stress all the while bringing financial freedom. Boom.

Persistence AI Lead conversion software for Real Estate  CEO Jesse Teron

"One of our missions here at Persistence AI is to bring freedom back to Realtors. Freedom of time, stress and finances. We do this by automating one of the most manual processes of your sales process of engaging and qualifying leads so you and your team can do what you do best and sell. "

Jesse Teron | CEO of Persistence AI

What Exactly Do You Get With Our

Real Time Campaign?

We Integrate With Your Current CRM and Your Current Business Team Structure

We start by first engaging with your brand to ensure we are executing communication that is on brand and we build strategies with our team. We are the best combination of A.I. and real smart people.

Custom Speed to Lead Campaigns

We work with you to develop and execute marketing strategies based on how many cold leads scheduled over a monthly, quarterly or annual campaign based on current market conditions.

Brand Specific Communication

Our onboarding and platform activation requires your input and training to ensure we are a true extension of your brand.

In bound Hot Live Call Transfers & Appointments Booked

We manage the cold and warm leads to bring your sales team hot sales ready opportunities

Persistence AI Lead conversion software for Real Estate

Persistence Business Strategy Coach

We work with you for continuous improvement and data analytics with monthly coaching calls to ensure that we are getting you AMAZING RESULTS.

The Highest Performing North American native English Speaking ISA’s

Our Persistence Sales Associates are the best in the business and will work with you and your team to ensure your potential clients

24/7 Coverage All Year

40% of new leads and potential clients like to opt in and speak to you and your business during the evenings and weekends (& probably vacations) - don't stress we have you covered.

Up to 6 Month Lead Nurture

The process of becoming an interested lead or qualified lead can take time and we take care of the communication for these slower leads.

If you're curious to see how can generate massive influx in sales &

how we will work with your unique business situation